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At London Hernia we pride ourselves on being a specialist hernia centre and want to ensure the highest standard of patient satisfaction. To achieve this we offer same-day appointments, expert consultants that specialise in hernia surgery and state-of-the-art facilities located at the Hospital Of St John & St Elizabeth.

We are proud to treat patients from all over the world in our caring, professional, family-oriented clinic based in St John’s Wood, London NW8. Over 97% of inpatients questioned rated our nursing staff as good or excellent for their courtesy, efficiency, care and responsiveness.

Dr John Watson - Patient Testimonial

Dr John Watson - Patient Testimonial

Dr John Watson came in to our urgent care centre Casualty First with what he suspected to be a strangulated hernia. He was seen immediately and referred  to one of our specialist London Hernia consultants Mr Romi Navaratnam. Dr Watson was seen the same-day by our consultants and praised the standard of patient rooms, the quality of the food provided and the knowledgeable nurses that were on-hand throughout his treatment.


Maurice - Patient Testimonial

Maurice - Patient Testimonial

Maurice’s wife was referred by her GP to London Hernia due to experiencing severe pain in the groin. She was seen by Mr Romi Navaratnam and was immediately sent for surgery. Maurice was delighted with the professionalism of Mr Navaratnam and his reassuring nature, going to great lengths to explain a lot about the condition and procedure required.

In addition to this Maurice said that the modern facilities was one of the key things that set London Hernia apart from its competitors. Maurice was so confident in the service he received that he booked himself in with Mr Navaratnam for a similar operation in the future.

Peter Moulson - Patient Testimonial

Peter Moulson

Peter Moulson - Patient Testimonial

Peter Moulson found London Hernia by searching online when looking for a solution to repair his inguinal hernia. He was seen by Mr Martin Kurzer and was delighted with the personal and attentive nature of Mr Kurzer and the London Hernia team and reccomended that people should look no further when looking for hernia repair.

Initial experience of the hospital and how you came to hear about us

I learned about the London Hernia centre through the Internet while I was searching for a place of treatment for my inguinal hernia.  It was important to me that the hospital could provide the full range of services suitable for my circumstances as a patient with a heart condition also taking medication to regulate my blood INR.  I visited two specialist hernia centres in London and met Consultants at each of them.  I decided on London Hernia on the strength of the efficiency and friendliness of the staff and most especially because of the friendly professionalism of the Consultant who took full account of my medical history and made me feel that I would be in excellent hands.

 About the treatment you had

The standard of treatment met all my expectations and more.  The procedure was a success and the process was professional throughout.  The Consultant introduced me in advance to the anaesthetist.  There was excellent teamwork.  The procedure was carried out faultlessly and painlessly.  Aftercare was thoughtful, efficient and very sensitive to my needs. Again, a high standard of teamwork on the ward was evident throughout.  There was no sense of my being on a ‘hernia production line’ which was a feeling I had experienced elsewhere.

Your experience with your consultant and any other staff you came into contact with

I cannot speak too highly of the Consultant, Mr Martin Kurzer.  He represents all the qualities that anyone would hope for in a Consultant responsible for the outcome of a sensitive medical intervention.  He is clearly technically brilliant but more than that he also has the gift of making you feel respected and cared for as a person and not simply a patient.  His concern for my progress continued even after I had left the hospital.  He took the initiative to contact me and gave me his mobile number.  When there was some bleeding, solely the result of my ‘blood thinning’ medication, he made it his concern to advise me over the phone and to treat the wound himself at the hospital.  The problem was immediately resolved.

The staff I came into contact with at the hospital were friendly, efficient and courteous.  It was also important to me that the friend who came with me to the hospital, waited for me during the operation and who took me home was equally thoughtfully looked after and was also made to feel welcome by all hospital staff.  I would single out for special praise Hana Hassan who was responsible for the ward.  She was outstanding in every way: thoroughly efficient, utterly professional and wonderfully cheerful.  At the end of her long day, Hana’s efficiency and cheerfulness were just as much in evidence as they had been at the beginning.  Hana is a great ambassador for the hospital.

Your recommendation or advice for anyone else looking for similar treatment

My advice would be to avoid a ‘hernia production line’.  My recommendation would be to look no further than the London Hernia centre at the Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth.

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J Potter - Patient Testimonial

Hernia Patient Testimonial

J Potter - Patient Testimonial

Dear Mr Kurzer,

Following my hernia repair operation on 18th September, I am writing with thanks to you and your team for a most satisfactory outcome.

From our first consultation, I have been most impressed with the care and consideration shown throughout the procedure. As this was my first surgery under general anaesthetic, I approached the operation and the possibility of complications with some trepidation. Much to my pleasant surprise, there was a complete absence of any pain or nausea – a great tribute to your expertise and professionalism.

The incision has healed well, although some ten days after the operation, I did begin to experience a ‘tugging’ sensation in the hernia area and often felt a sharp, somewhat painful spasm when bending or kneeling. Fortunately, these episodes have largely disappeared with only occasional mild residual sensations, and I plan to resume a steadily more vigorous exercise schedule over the weeks ahead.

Unless you advise otherwise, I feel that we can assume the operation has been a complete success, and once again offer my grateful thanks for your magnificent work.

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Mr Richard E. Gee

Hernia Patient Testimonial

Mr Richard E. Gee

I was first attracted to coming to the Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth’s for Hernia treatment because of Mr Kurzer’s extensive experience. He was also very helpful in arranging the procedure to fit in with my immediate needs and travel requirements.The fact that he uses Local Anaesthetic was a big plus as far as I was concerned.

I liked the idea of a package of medical work for a fixed price, without the extras that some organisations manage to add on to the original  quoted figure !


On the day of my treatment I arrived one and a half hours early but was pleased to find that my room was immediately available, so that I could relax. Without exception, all the staff I was involved with during my stay were most friendly and competent.

All aspects of the treatment for Inguinal Hernia, before, during and after the operation proceeded very smoothly indeed.

After a final briefing with Mr Kurzer, I was able to catch a train back home to Manchester the next morning. Obviously, after-effects will vary with different patients, but I have had minimal discomfort throughout, and have not needed to take any pain killers.

After two weeks, I was able to resume activities with my Wednesday walking group, in which we do 7 to 9 miles in Derbyshire.

I expect to restart cycling after 5 weeks which I look forward to.

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