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Mesh Free Repair

Mesh Free Repair

Mesh Free Repair

It is routine to use mesh in inguinal hernia repair. However, recently there has been renewed interest in mesh free hernia repair.

London Hernia is proud to offer patients the option of mesh free minimally invasive repairs.

Both techniques have their advantages and the best option will depend on individual circumstances.

Please discuss the pros and cons with your Consultant.


What is Mesh Free Repair?

Mesh free repair, also known as Desarda repair, uses a strip of tendon or aponeurosis taken from the outer layer of the three muscle layers of the patient’s abdominal wall. The patient’s own tissue is then used to repair the inguinal canal.

Who is suitable for Mesh Free Repair?

Not all patients or hernias are suitable for this method. Patients with large or long-standing hernias with some loss of tissue or scar tissue are usually not able to be repaired without mesh. Elderly patients with poor tissue quality may also not be suitable.

Your surgeon will therefore be able to assess, guide and recommend the appropriate treatment method for your personal case.

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